Ah! The pressure!

What good is a site without posts?

This is NOT a post…sort of. More of a space filler so that you at least know that there will be posts coming…and that this is a work in progress that is not being neglected by yours truly. At least, not yet.

But how awful does a blog post look if there’s not at least SOMETHING there?!

So this is a something, which is a fraction above a nothing, with more substantial somethings to follow. Hmmm…

Author: Derek

Derek was born in rural Western Australia, growing up mostly in rural South Australia between three family ventures to England. His own restlessness as an adult prompted several moves around both Australia and England, as well as working in fields as diverse as retail, disability services, voluntary sector services, hospitality, furniture removals and energy healing. A briefer than intended move to New Zealand to complete the final phase of writing his first sci-fi novel - part one of a nine volume series - became an extended visit to Singapore and another return to Australia. With the initial version of his first novel being closer in size to War and Peace than Dune, he has since revised and subdivided the first Kiyron volume into three books. He presently resides in Hobart, Tasmania, where he is working on the next eight volumes (or 24 books) of his Kiyron based series, as well as endeavouring to get his head around the notion of self-promotion, blogging and 'putting himself out there'.

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