Judging a book by its cover

Judging a book by its cover

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Been rejigging my book covers. Already?! Well…

It’s been on my mind for a while. As much as I was happy with the newer covers I created in April, my building concern was that in looking forward through the next 24 books of the Kiyron series, and paying more attention to how books are marketed in some aspects, the series still lacked something more relatable in the titling.

So! Having considered this for a bit, newer covers, with a new, extra layer of subtitling. Not sure that this will necessarily increase book sales (though hopefully it helps a lot!!), but it may at the very least help individualise each book within the series at least. And each title lends itself to a key theme within that book, which is generally the idea I’m sure!

Now I’ve no doubt some of you may say “The cover could do with more captivating graphics.” That may be true. I’ve certainly explored that since the very beginning. I’ll admit I’ve been torn on the subject, partly because of the financial outlay in trying to find cover art I feel will accurately represent the story. Partly also, I suppose, because I’ve struggled in seeing how I can then run a particular theme across the whole series through the covers, especially if they’re all different.

…oh! wait!!…

I suddenly found myself distracted for a day or so exploring cover art. Again! After having already reworked cover art myself, where each book essentially looked the same, have been reworking each cover with some art courtesy of 123rf.com.

Part of my brain has managed to click itself out of the “with cost comes stress” mindset and take the relatively minor financial plunge to select some cover art. I say ‘relatively minor’, but when money is as tight as it is at present, it doesn’t feel quite so minor.

ANWAY!! Onward and upward as they say!

I also had to allow part of my brain to recognise that what I might personally want is not necessarily what a potential reader might be looking for when glancing through book covers and attempting to pick something to read. Whether what I’m choosing will make a difference…I don’t know. But for now at least I need to recognise the fact that, unlike the pulling power that a recognised author will have in their name alone, I need to draw on other tools at my disposal (and within my budget), to try and make those customers come forth and purchase.

And so, in the most imminent future, there will be:

  • a more relatable subtitle to each book
  • more visually arresting cover art for each book.

I can only hope it all helps.

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