Waking from the insanity

Waking from the insanity

Our world is in chaos and the insanity can be witnessed wherever you might choose to look.


Global lockdown


Rioting and looting

The surge of cancel culture

And now, in Seattle, anarchists are doing whatever they can to mimic George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Either that or they’re attempting to be the new Waco. Despite how they already seem to be failing badly with those efforts, both options take the insanity to new heights.

We are surrounded by and plagued with a slew of false flag events, Deep State controlled fake news media and entertainment (looking at you Hollywood), global pedophile rings and Satanic practices reaching into the heart of our political systems, sex/drug/weapons trafficking running rampant, and so much more. An open and curious mind combined with even the smallest amount of exploration can reveal a lot.

Believe it or not. The choice is yours. At a certain level it doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t believe such things exist, the ideas are out there, sprinkled through our many cultures, contained within our histories.

Me? I grew up with a fascination for all things alternative, for ideas that were ‘outside the box’, for the many perspectives that get conveniently lumped under ‘conspiracy theories’. There’s certainly no shortage of them. Yet it’s a term so loaded with dismissiveness and so widely promoted by the mainstream as being crazy, that most people are conditioned to not think further on such subjects with any serious intent, to the point of dismissing any and all compelling evidence that may exist to demonstrate it is in reality conspiracy fact. I’m quite sure that if the term had been around a few centuries ago, then even Copernicus would have been labelled a conspiracy theorist as well as a heretic by the Catholic authorities of the time.

So you can probably imagine how enticing I find a lot of what’s playing out across the globe right now. Yes, I follow Q. Yes, I believe in the plandemic perspective of covid-19 and vaccinations. Yes, I think Trump is focused on draining the swamp, no matter how the mainstream media and others wish to paint him as some laughably yet dangerous character. Yes, I think there are some very dark forces in positions of power around the world. I could go on and on, but I won’t. At least not in this post. Maybe another.


All of the aforementioned matters are simply additions to all the other insanity that has been going on for years, decades, centuries…and…well…what seems like forever.

But does any of this mean anything? Does it provide anything of value worth focusing on? Or is it perhaps nothing more, nor less, than a giant nothing-burger, to which we devote far too much time and attention?

For me, this has been my ongoing struggle for decades. And, as much as I’m still drawn into much of it to a greater or lesser degree, it’s only been in the last 10 years, with my encountering A Course In Miracles, that I’ve found a way to extricate myself, slowly but surely, from the deceptive allure of everything that surrounds me.

Firstly, imagine, if you can, that you are part of some creative divinity, a part of God, or whatever you might choose to call such a divine force, that is omnipotent, omniscient, eternal.

Then imagine that if you were to follow our seemingly eternal state of insanity all the way down the quantum rabbit hole to that point where we, as an extension of our Creator, wondered what being separate from our Creator would be like. What could we expect? 


Enter the ego, with its need to demonstrate what being separate would be like and you have this!! This experience that we call life. The good, the bad and the ugly of it all. This is what it would be like!!

Recognising that this is what’s really going on is a shocker in itself. Comprehending it fully is an ongoing challenge. Having lived most of my life largely asleep to this deeper truth, waking up is a monumental task. It’s difficult for me to extricate myself from all of this…this stuff, this level of form, that we call life, to pull my mind back from an engagement in everything going on within it. Because it’s just…so…enticing. Whatever the lure, whether it’s some sparkly enticement, or an unfolding disaster, it’s so difficult to look away, to remain focused on what REALLY matters, which is the level of Spirit. Which is of course, the whole point of the scenario we’re in. We’re supposed to be distracted. We’re supposed to forget what we really are. We’re supposed to feel separate from that level of Spirit, and by extension our Creator. We are supposed to believe that we are, quite literally, in The Matrix, and choose to remain there. This experience simply doesn’t work in any maximal way otherwise.

And choosing is what I’m endeavouring to do. Every day this is what I do, because I want to extricate myself from my forgetful state of slumber. To remember what I am. To somehow manage the struggle of balancing a functional life while I am in this world, whilst increasingly aligning my mindset to a recognition and acceptance of the almost inconceivable notion that I am not of this world. A simple click of the fingers would be a wonderful thing in this situation. You know, just picking up that red pill and swallowing it. How wonderful that would be! How simple. From what I’ve read, it really is, in its own particular way, that simple. Yet it’s not actually that easy. Certainly not for me so far. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. None of us would.

Therefore, I have to take the slower route, to unlearn what I think I know, and remember what it is I actually am in truth. That takes time. It really is no different than working my way through school, from one grade to another. Except, of course, it’s about progressing from ignorance/sleep to remembrance/wakefulness. So I can’t simply throw the baby out with the bathwater, for instance. This is more a case of peeling away the layers of forgetfulness, stripping away veils of deception that prevent me from seeing the light in its fullest glory. It’s an effortful process. Even as I release my attachment to and belief in all that I experience within this world that we have collectively created, I still have to maintain a focus on functional existence within it.

But maintaining a functional existence without becoming too distracted or engaged in what’s happening around me is a most challenging balancing act. If our Creator exists at the level of Spirit, then we too exist at the level of Spirit. That level is what I need to focus on whilst believing I exist at this level of form.

I’m getting there. I know I am. I stumble often. I forget even more. And then I remember again. No matter how slow my progress, layers of ignorance and belief are peeled away. The level of form holds less and less attraction and subsequently less and less ability to distract. But there’s still so much more work to be done, so much more waking up to do. It doesn’t feel like I’ll manage it all in this lifetime. There may be a few more rounds to go.

But I’ll get there.

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