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In the distant Diyavat galaxy, Kiyron, the 6th of 13 planets, orbits Nesj. A hollow planet, with Malkiyron spanning the outer surface, and Dooskiyron spanning its inner surface, it is a world embroiled in cataclysms and conflict, both natural and artificial, spanning millennia.
It is home to both native races and aliens.
And from the time of the renowned Ninuukien prophet Lieoptay-Noot, nestled in his hut within the lower mountains of Ristiek, through to the final days and unexpected revelations of Thesik Zlaifë within Dooskiyron, the entire planet is embroiled in unfolding events and dramas that will determine whether the future of Kiyron is one of transformation or final destruction.
In the Aurbët of 7070, during Iraath 4, Bisel and Padran Penriebës, embroiled within the events of the 1st Augured Climacteric foreseen 4,500 aurbët before by Lieoptay-Noot, struggle against a growing tide of global war and destruction and attempts on their lives.
Over 700 aurbët later, Yasj Damilan discovers himself abandoning family and home to embark on the most unexpected adventure of his young life with Iyrës, the foreseen Kajin Rabiel, destined to transform events across Malkiyron during the 2nd Augured Climacteric.
And Thesik Zlaifë must interpret every prophecy she can and do whatever is possible to prepare the world, both inner and outer, for the final events to play out during the 3rd Climacteric.
But it is only Iyrës, as both Kajin Rabiel and Koazjuur’Iy, the voice of Iy made manifest, the first to have seen the truth of what lies behind the veil, who knows what must be done to break a pattern of events that are otherwise guaranteed to repeat in one form or another.
The Awakening has finally begun.
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