Welcome to my journey

Welcome to my journey

I walk my path, uncertain of where it might lead, unsure of who I am, or even what I am.

I am at times an artist, an author, a cautiously budding blogger, a waiter, a barista & many more things besides.

I am an errant journeyman on levels geographic, intellectual, emotional & spiritual.

Although I am not a religious person, God & faith play an increasingly significant role in my life, in who I am & in who I wish to be. As a perpetual student of A Course In Miracles, I stumble with dogged persistence toward our Great Awakening & my own inevitable return Home.

I consider myself a relatively simple person, an increasingly conservative person. I think a lot: sometimes times too much & sometimes not enough, at least in ways that matter. I’m as prone to verbosity as I am to prolonged silence. I am opinionated. I am curious. I am not an activist, however. I am not a ranter. And I am not, as best I can tell, what I would consider to be a provocateur. I suppose time will tell.

And so! here-in I present whatever thoughts & considerations might sputter forth from the jumble of my mind and onto the screen. I hope you find something of interest.


P.S. 25.10.21: Having been a total slacker in regards to this website…on so so many fronts…updates and a new look coming. 😉

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